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Group Home - Livin Proof 2xLP

$20.00 / On Sale

Payday/Get On Down, 1995/2017
Double Vinyl

New reissue of this 1995 classic combining peak DJ Premier production with the raps of two underpolished knucklehead non-rappers in his crew. Popular consensus for many years was that Lil Dap and Malachi Da Nutcracker either ruined or somehow managed to barely not ruin Preem's beats but I propose a reevaluation - the sloppy simplicity of their bars was precisely what his production needed to breathe. (Certainly this project has aged better than either Jeru record.) Plus their their half-brash/half-anguished off-the-cuff writing style predicted the disconnectedness of today's anti-punchline street rappers : "Deadly like a rattle snake / but I don't rattle."