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MC Breed & DFC - S/T LP


MC Breed & DFC - Self-Titled
SDEG/Snow Dog 1991/2018
VInyl LP

MC Breed made such a perfect G-Funk song with "Ain't No Future In Your Frontin'" ("More Bounce" and "Funky Worm"!?) that for a long time most everyone assumed he was from the West Coast. In reality he hailed from Flint, Michigan and "Ain't No Future" kind of undersells the album that birthed it. Backed by his crew Da Funk Clan, Breed's self titled debut is more eclectic than you remembered or imagined. And better, too. Breed rocks lo-fi Ice-T cautionary gangsta tales, Job Corps anthems, and even a proto-Screw slow reggae slap on "Guanja." Back in print after being rare forever, thanks as always to the great nation of Japan.