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Mr. Fingers - Cerebral Hemispheres 3xLP


Mr. Fingers - Cerebral Hemispheres
Alleviated, 2018
Triple Vinyl

Chicago house pioneer Larry Heard has been the deepest man alive for longer than many of us have been alive and still he keeps getting deeper. Cerebral Hemispheres is his first album under his Mr. Fingers alias in 24 years and, as per its title, explores and expands the polarities of his career. The first half leans into the hyper polished quiet storm sounds he had previously explored on '90s projects like Sceneries Not Songs for some true Sade-tinged, beachfront property in The Sims type mellow saxophone moods. This is, to be certain, smooth jazz. So if that's not your thing then this probably won't be your thing. But really it should be your thing. And maybe Larry will be the man to convert you. Or if not the back half of the album refines the glacial bottomless slinking electronics of his 2016 EP, Outer Acid, which is probably already your thing as it well should be. (It's also very nice to hear Nicole Wray, she of Missy Elliott / Roc-A-Fella fame, show up on the closing track after a few years of silence, providing kind of a return to the center.)