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Sterling Toles - Resurget Cineribus 2xLP


Sterling Toles - Resurget Cineribus
Sector 7.G, 2005/2017
Double Vinyl

Taking its name from the motto on Detroit flag ("it will rise from the ashes"), Sterling Toles' Resurget Cineribus, is a subtle and dreamlike work of music-as-journalism. First distributed locally on CDr in 2005 but only now seeing a full retail release, it tells the story of black Detroit's 1967 uprising through beat experiments and concrète sound collages stitched together from clips of vintage news broadcasts and Toles' intimate conversations with his own father. Shades of Dilla and Folkways field recordings and ghettotech and Spike Lee and Pierre Schaeffer. This is a difficult record, but highly recommended. In a deluxe pop-up sleeve.