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Thundercat & OG Ron C - Drank 2xLP


Thundercat & OG Ron C - Drank
Brainfeeder, 2017/2018
Double Purple Vinyl

Los Angeles' foremost prog jazz bassist / professional drunk guy who watches too much Adult Swim passes his recent full length to Houston's OG Ron C for an official Chopped-Not-Slopped mix (this is to say Screwed-By-Not-Screw). It's not a wholly unprecedented genre crossover - Ron C has been digging up and pitching down weirder shit on his own dime for a few decades now - but this certainly marks the first time that anyone thought to document it on vinyl. And thankfully the C&S mutation helps to melt some of the more off putting goofball elements of the Thundercat originals into a perfectly tolerable puddle of goo. On purple vinyl, naturally on the nose.