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E-40 & B-Legit - Connected & Respected CD

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E-40 & B-Legit - Connected & Respected
Sick Wid It, 2018
Compact Disc

After thirty years of trading verses and fifty years of sharing a bloodline, Vallejo cousins E-40 and B-Legit finally drop a proper album as a duo. If you've listened to any of the many albums that 40 has released in this decade then you more or less know what to expect - short bursts of slithery genius game spitting from rap's only ageless talent, slaps and slumpers that sound real sneaky like they're trying to rob Dracula mixed in with more generic radio bids, Stressmatic hooks with inexplicably strange accents, aimless collabs with both buzzing Bay Area rappers like Rexx Life Raj or regional randoms like Uncle Murda, an overwhelming lack of concern for brevity or quality control but in way that is perfectly acceptable when the highs are so high - except here B-Legit is doing his baritone foil thing on every song, which of course is a welcome addition. Plus The Click (The Whole Damn Click! Even D-Shot!) reunites on one track. If you only buy ten E-40 CDs all year then this should be one of them.