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Pimp C - Live From The Harris County Jail CD


Pimp C - Live From The Harris County Jail
Pimp C Family Ent, 2004
Compact Disc

It's a tragedy that Pimp C never had a chance to release a proper solo album. The two side projects he released in life were fine but minor, bogged down by now-dated outside production and unnecessary guests. The posthumous releases the label cobbled together on his behalf are best left unmentioned unless you have a morbid curiosity to hear Drake's dork ass play Mary Sue in his UGK fanfic. Probably the closest we'll ever come to hearing the solo music that was knocking around inside of Pimp's head is on this underground collection of demos, released by his family to help pay his legal fees. These are incomplete sessions, to be certain, but that works in their favor (some were later remixed for the vastly inferior Rap-A-Lot album Sweet James Jones Stories, also rush released out of similar legal concerns). It's Pimp at his most stripped down and intimate, singing repurposed Chuck Brown and Funkadelic hooks to himself, workshopping bars that would later end up on UGK records and letting his signature vamps/rants run on at length.

Brand new, original stock copies, some storage wear on outer shrink wrap.