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RP Boo - I'll Tell You What! 2xLP

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RP Boo - I'll Tell You What!
Planet Mu, 2018
Double Clear Vinyl

The father of Chicago footwork returns with his first ever album of all new material. On I'll Tell You What! (truly all footwork records should be punctuated with an exclamation point) Boo continues to whittle away at his original formula, stripping the stuttered triplet beats down to their barest elements before piling on fragmented rap bars or drunken Latimore interpolations or the sounds of mechanical moaning ghosts. I feel like a living footwork sample when I keep telling you guys that this is the most compelling and vital and progressive and underrated style of music that America has produced in this century but it keeps proving me right so I'm going to keep on saying it saying it say say say say say saying.