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Shawty Pimp - Still Comin' Real LP


Shawty Pimp - Still Comin Real
Big Pimpin / Gyptology, 1995/2018
Vinyl LP

Memphis underground street rap from the 1990s. Self-produced, recorded to 4-track, dubbed by hand and initially released only on cassettes sold primarily out local car stereo shops, now once again available to you and yours thanks (I think) to some British people who are pretending to be Egyptian. Whatever, it's magnificent. This is the actual music that ASAP Rocky and the people who wish they were ASAP Rocky aspire to make but never will in part because they (and we) have been divorced from the physical process of producing, distributing and consuming music.

NOTE: Due to a manufacturing error many or most copies of this record were pressed with some visible paper scuffs on the grooves. From what we can tell these are purely cosmetic blemishes and do not affect play or sound quality at all but be forewarned if you are picky about that sort of thing.