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Too $hort - Shorty The Pimp LP


Too $hort - Shorty The Pimp
Jive/Get On Down, 1992/2018
Vinyl LP

Get On Down continues their necessary reissue campaign on Oakland's poet laureate of pimp raps with his seventh album. Shorty The Pimp was something of a transitional release for Short, as he began to play self-mythologizing young og / sage nostalgist on classics like "I Wanna Be Free" and "In The Trunk," respectively, while still rapping forever about ever last blow job. And crucially it introduced Ant Banks as Short's main production collaborator, and together they split the difference between the drum machine sparseness of Short's '80s classics and the full bodied funk of his later efforts. Sometimes they land in the middle and it sounds like the incidental music from New York Undercover but that's perfectly acceptable too.