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Valee & Chase The Money - VTM LP


Valee & Chase The Money - VTM
VTM/Omerta, 2017/2018
Vinyl LP

The only good decision Kanye West made all year was signing Chicago rapper and Fogo de Chao enthusiast Valee, whose tip toeing old timey burglar flows have since been borrowed by the likes of Tyler and Nicki for vastly inferior songs. Now Omerta has put Valee's 2017 tape to vinyl and frankly it sounds glorious. Anyone who buys contemporary rap records knows that the fidelity on these things is usually a complete crapshoot because nobody cares and they're just churning out trinkets to sell at Urban Outfitters but whoever mastered VTM for vinyl actually did right by it, adding some serious depth to producer Chase The Money's restrained 808 crunch without burying the slippery whisper raps on top.